John Stainer

Behaviour and Anti-Bullying 


At John Stainer we place great emphasis on positively rewarding self-discipline and motivation. We encourage children to understand why certain kinds of behaviour are acceptable and others are not. We help them to understand why we need rules and encourage self-respect, respect for other people, other cultures and our environment. To be most effective, home and school need to work together in managing behaviour. We are always happy to support you if you are experiencing difficulties at home, we have a dedicated School Home Support worker who you can self-refer to at any time.



OFSTED 2012 - Pupils say that any incidents of bullying are dealt with quickly and effectively by the school. They show an exceptional understanding of different forms of bullying, and have been well prepared to deal with safe practices in using electronic media such as chat sites on computers and mobile phones. Pupils responded particularly well to the theme for the week that it is ‘cool to be kind’ by sharing with each other their random acts of kindness. This behaviour is also typical, as they show great care and consideration for each other.

 Our school rules are prominently displayed and are made known to everyone through meetings, our work, behaviour and expectations. We have four school rules that apply wherever the children are in the school, and whoever they are with:


  1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  2. Always follow instructions given by a staff member.
  3. Swearing, cussing and teasing is never acceptable.
  4. Respect the people and property in your place of work.

 You can read find out more about bullying and behaviour below. Also see the policies section of the website (under about us).



Naturally there are some types of behaviour, which we consider clearly unacceptable and will treat very seriously. Any form of bullying, homophobia, racism, sexism or violence are examples of such behaviour. All of the staff play an important part in making good discipline in John Stainer School and we expect children to respond to whoever is responsible for them in the classrooms, and shared areas, playground or out on visits and journeys. Serious incidents will involve discussion between the child’s parents/carers and the headteacher in order to decide on the appropriate course of action.

We do not believe in, and never use, corporal punishment. Good behaviour and kind or helpful actions are shared with the whole school. We consciously take the time to thank children for good behaviour.


OFSTED 2012 - Pupils’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. They show a great deal of respect and care for each other, and their attendance is high.



OFSTED 2012 - Pupils behave with the utmost respect and courtesy to all visitors, who are made to feel very welcome to the school. Their behaviour in lessons is characterised by enthusiasm and willingness to ‘have a go’. They have very strong attitudes towards learning, and respond well to inspiring teaching. Pupils say they feel safe and well cared for by staff, and show a good understanding about how they can keep themselves safe. Parents agree with this view.