John Stainer


With such a fantastic range of cultures making John Stainer school what it is, developing a strong understanding of people, places and global citizenship is an essential part of our children making sense of the wider world. We aim to capitalise on Geography’s potential to enhance this understanding throughout our work across the school.


At John Stainer, Geography is taught once per term. Teachers plan and teach as part of our creative, cross curricular approach to learning. During their work in geography, children develop, use and apply the National Curriculum key skills across a range of contexts. This is to encourage the children to show an interest in their immediate environment and that of the wider world.



Children will have access to a range of sources such as the local environment, visitors, school trips, websites, photographs, portraits, artefacts, written materials, ICT based materials (Digammas), data, and DVD extracts.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, Geography is included as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World. The children learn to investigate similarities and differences, the local environment and cultures and beliefs, fostering the skills essential to developing geographical understanding. This is set out in the EYFS curriculum, our children need to observe, find out about, and identify features in the place they live, and the natural world; also to find out about their environment, and talk about those features they like and dislike.

School, school where are you?

“We went around the whole area. I saw my house and other schools”.

“I saw the name of different roads and our postcode SE4”

The children used simple fieldwork and observational skills to study the geography of the school and its grounds and learn about the features of the surrounding environment

Volcano Exhibition

“We were learning about volcanoes and we had an exhibition. Our grown-ups came”

Children had to learn to describe and understand key aspects of physical geography  which included learning about the structures of the earth's volcanoes.