John Stainer

Our Staff Team

The Office and Pastoral Support Team

Our very busy school office is generally managed by Sarah Harrison (Pupil Welfare and Lettings Manager), supported by Suzanna Weight. 

In the back office, (but often helping out in the front office) are Etienne Gouws (School Business Manager), supported by Ellena Jackson.

Tracy Townrow is our Home School Liaison Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader (Acting).

The Early Years Team (Nursery and Reception)

In the Nursery we have Jan Ransom, (who is also our Early Years Leader), supported by Lisa Tucker, Jacqui Sharkey and Haneefa KarimMark Crabtree does PPA cover on a Monday morning.

In Reception Orange we have Sophie Finch supported by Anna Cioffi and Katy.  Mark Crabtree does PPA cover on a Monday afternoon.

In Reception Purple we have Liz Shofolohan supported by Fahrida Odubote, Fahmida Chaudary and Devina Cooke. Louise O'Mahony does PPA cover on a Monday afternoon. 

The Key Stage One Team (Years 1 and 2) 

In Year 1 Yellow we have Olga Drahan supported by Anh Tran. Rebecca Farmer does PPA cover on a Wednesday morning. 

In Year 1 Red we have Anne-Maria O'Sullivan and our Schools Direct Trainee Jess Abrahart,  who are supported by Nell Wyld  and Lisa Cole.  Mark Crabtree does PPA cover on a Wednesday morning.

In Year 2 Turquoise we have Georgina Suttle supported by Ashleigh Packham and Donna Wilson. Mark Crabtree does PPA cover on a Tuesday morning.

In Year 2 Indigo we have Jack Marsh, supported by Cheryl Bailey-Phillips and Elizabeth. Louise O'Mahony does PPA cover on a Tuesday morning.

The Key Stage Two Team (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

In Year 3 Green we have Jade Commettant, supported by Helen Japes. Louise O'Mahony  does PPA cover on a Tuesday afternoon.

(Mrs Commettant is currently on maternity leave and is being covered by Terri - Ann Williams).

In Year 3 Blue we have Magda Kosek supported by Maria Gibson. Mark Crabtree does PPA cover on a Tuesday afternoon.

In Year 4 Navy we have Rabecca Mostert supported by Zoe Henderson. Patrick King does PPA cover on a Tuesday afternoon.

In Year 4 Maroon we have Lisa Perren supported by Sutapa Bhaduri.  Rebecca Farmer does PPA cover on a Tuesday afternoon.

In Year 5 Lime we have Flo Nwoye supported by Titi Stewart. Louise O'Mahony  does PPA cover on a Wednesday afternoon.

In Year 5 Violet we have Andrea Palermo and Jennie Diss supported by Mohammad Ali and Claire Hedman. Mark Crabtree does PPA cover on a Wednesday afternoon. 

In Year 6 Aqua we have Claire and Andy Bond  job sharing (yes they are husband and wife!), supported by Patrick King and Maria Basset.

In Year 6 Pink we have Claire Bond / Claire Power supported by Vivienne Chau. Rebecca Farmer does PPA cover on a Wednesday afternoon.

The Special Needs Team

We have a SENCo, Jennie Diss a Special needs Assistant Sue Reeves and a Speech Therapist  Michelle Quaye.

The Leadership Team

Shermane Okorodudu is the Headteacher.

Andy Bond, Claire Bond and Anne-Maria O'Sullivan are all Assistant Headteachers.

Claire Power and Jan Ransom are also Senior Leaders.

The Premises Team

Dave Harrison is the Premises Officer

Clyde Berry is the Premises Assistant

The Lunchtime Supervisors Team

Most of our teaching assistants also do a lunchtime duty, but in addition we have Lomel Walker and Janet Forde who come in each day.