John Stainer

EYFS Learning Activities

During this time your children might like to engage with some of the interactive games they are used to seeing at the nursery

 Please continue to practice their colour, number, shape and sound strings regularly as well as giving the children opportunities to practice writing their names and other words - get them to help to write a shopping list, a to do task list or a even a list of activities they'd like to do in this unexpected time off.

The children have been taught phonics sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, o c, k, ck and g - get them to show you the actions they have been taught as they tell you the sound.

Counting your steps as you head to the park and pointing out numbers and shapes in the environment will also help to continue your child's learning.


Try asking your child to perform one of the rhymes and songs that we have been learning - I'm sure they'll take great pleasure in doing this.