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School Uniform and agreed PE kit

We sell the school jumpers and PE tops in school very cheaply, all other uniform can be bought very cheaply from supermarkets. Please NAME all uniform with indelible markers! We end up throwing away an awful lot of clothes that someone has paid good money for, simply because they are not claimed from Lost Property (the big bin under the shelter in the playground) and if it is not named we can’t return it to your child. Due to the changes in the weather, children must wear a jumper under their coat – if any child comes to school without a jumper, we will give them one from our spare second hand stock to wear to keep them warm.

Children are required to wear black or dark grey trousers (not navy blue) Please note, no leggings of any colour should be worn under dresses or skirts. Children can wear black, grey or red tights, (not white please), or just wear trousers.

Socks are to be plain only, in red, black or white, (unless they have the matching gingham frill to the pinafores).

Red and white checked skirts, shorts or pinafores for summer.  Children may wear black cycling shorts underneath skirts and dresses if they like but they must not be below the hem of the dress or skirt. Grey or black trousers, pinafores or skirts for winter.

All tops/shirts are to be plain white. Vests or t-shirts under the white shirt are also to be plain white, and not visible above the collar. They will be given a replacement, if they wear coloured vests underneath.

Headscarves for Muslim children are to be in plain black, red or white.

For health and safety reasons, only small flat studs are permitted. Any other earrings will be removed. Children are not allowed to wear necklaces or rings - these are usually expensive and can cause much distress to children, if misplaced in school. Please keep children's nails a short length and with no nail polish. Headbands ribbons and ties should be black, red, white or grey please

Please note that, although we encourage children to wear watches in school, for safeguarding reasons, they are not allowed to wear ‘smart’ watches, or any watch that has the same functionality as a mobile phone or PC.

Our printed sweatshirts are the only ones to be worn, and they are available in all sizes from the office, where we will even name them for you at the point you buy them (no cardigans of any colour). We have a stock of second hand sweatshirts so do ask a member of the admin team.

Shoes need to be comfortable, and allow your child to run safely. No heels, no Ugg boots, no shoes without a heel strap, and no Wellingtons for all day wear. If they want to wear Wellingtons on the way to school they need shoes to change into once they get here. Trainers are both waterproof and good to run in. For all shoes please keep as much as possible to plain black, white, red and grey, not the luminous coloured ones that are available. All children need trainers or plimsolls for PE.

Children need lightweight waterproof (not showerproof) coats, preferably in black, grey, white or red and with a hood. Please take umbrellas home, we do not have enough storage space to put umbrellas for children upstairs and they leave puddles.

We have printed red school PE t-shirts. These are desirable but generic red t-shirts are acceptable. Shorts or jogging bottoms will need to be plain, and in black. The most important thing again is the shoes, as many children are not bringing shoes they can run safely in. Plimsolls are extremely cheap and readily available at Asda and Primark. Children will be asked to bring their PE kit in to school and leave it at school for the half term, and they only need take it home if you want to wash it during that time. That way we will not have ‘forgotten kits’. Children in lower KS2 will need their swimming kit each week. No board shorts or two piece outfits for swimming please. Where children attend school in inappropriate clothing, the will be asked to change into their PE kits or given spare uniforms and parents will be informed. 

We have deliberately tried to keep the uniform as cheap and easily available as possible so that everyone is able to ensure that their children are always able to look smart and presentable. We want all of our children to be proud to wear their John Stainer uniform, as they are part of a fantastic team. We do have spare uniform available if there has been any loss, but we do expect you to return this to us washed when you have sorted the problem out. Children will be asked to change their clothes immediately if they come in non school uniform, (even socks), so it is easier to get the clothes ready the night before and make sure they have everything they need to avoid stress and panic in the morning. 

Themed days On some occasions, children will be asked to wear their own clothes for different themed days. Ripped jeans, very short skirts and other revealing items of clothing are not allowed. If a child arrives at school wearing inappropriate clothing which causes concern (eg does not conform with our uniform policy, is unsuitable for the weather, is too revealing, etc) then the school will provide uniform for the child to wear for the day if suitable change of clothing cannot be provided by the parents.

We do have a number of second hand uniforms which can be obtained for a low price. Do contact the school office, by email or phone, to find out more. All jumpers and PE t-shirts can be purchased from the main office. or 02076390482

Please click the link below to place your School Uniform Order. 

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