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SATs and test results

Below is a link to the Government's website where you can look at any local or national  schools and see how we do in comparison.

Compare School Performance 

KS2 SATS tests were not held in 2020 or 2021. Below are the last sets of results from 2019. Results for 2022 assessments will be uploaded in the July. 

To view our DfE School Performance Tables please click Inspection Data Summary report 2019 

Our  EYFS results from 2019

All schools are required to assess children at different stages of their education, from when they enter school in Reception as a 'baseline' so we know what they already can do, then we observe and assess them at play and in groups throughout the year and score them again at the end of Reception (called EYFS Foundation Stage Profile results). Information for parents about this is here.

Our Phonics results from 2019

In Year 1 children are tested on their Phonics knowledge. The pass mark is currently set at 32 out of 40. Children who do not pass are retested in Year 2. Information for parents about the Phonics test is here.

Our KS1 results from 2019

At the end of Year 2, children complete the Key Stage 1 SATS tests. These are paper based tests on reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar and maths. More information about these tests can be found here.

Our Key Stage 2 (Year 6) SATs results 2019

Children continue to be assessed in school against Age Related Expectations in Years 3,4 and 5 (copies of these are given to you as each child starts a new year) and then finally they complete the Key Stage 2 SATs in Year 6. More information about this is here. 

The Government have decided a child will only count successfully towards a school's score if they pass in all three subjects - Reading, Writing and Maths, which is why results can vary year on year with some children missing in perhaps just one subject. Special Needs pupils, (even those with profound levels of need and EHC Plans) also count towards the school's score, so if there is a class with a high number of these children (which we had in 2017), it is inevitable the KS2 results will be lower. However last year the children did extremely well, which you can see in the tables below.

KS2 2019*





% pupils achieving the expected standard





% pupils achieving a high level





Average progress





Average scaled score





*KS2 SATS tests were not held in 2020 or 2021