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Additional remote resources by subject

In addition to the suggested resources on our Remote Learning page, here is a breakdown of resources by subject.

 Numeracy resources

  • Mathletics – All children at John Stainer from Year 1-6 are set up with a username and password to access Mathletics which is used to set Maths home learning that consolidates what the children are learning in school. Children are set weekly home learning tasks on this to complete.
  • Whiterose Tutorials- We use this scheme to teach maths in school. Keep popping back as this website will be adding more resources.
  • Maths at home (LGFL) is designed to provide support for parents that wish to help their child with their mathematical development at home. A video has been made for every single National Curriculum descriptor for the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as an overview video for Early Years.
  • TTBlast on LGFL - choose your timetables to practise. 
  • NRICH - Click on the primary hub to access maths problem solving activities for children.
  • TopmarksDaily Ten and other maths games.
  • ICT Games- maths games.

Reading resources - 

  • VIDEOS of books read by authors and illustrators.Books are grouped by age with QR codes and links. Authorfy also has brilliant creative writing and drawing challenges from authors and illustrators.
  • AUDIO BOOKSfor kids offer some free to stream from AUDIBLE - why not enjoy a story together at lunchtime, or listen at bedtime? 
  • EBOOKS Lewisham Library Service has COMICS, EBOOKS, AUDIO BOOKS and even enhanced READALONG options freely available with your LEWISHAM LIBRARY CARD. This includes a HUGE selection of EARLY READERS, suitable for younger children who need access to practice materials.  If you do not have a library card, joining is quick and easy via an online form. You will get a library card number which can be used immediately. Direct link for joining the library:
  • Oxford Owl have a free E-BOOK library - parents just have to register. 
  • Also try VOOKS and for interactive EBOOKS.


The school uses the SoundsWrite programme to teach early phonics (in Reception and KS1). There is an app available for ipads at which mimics the word building strategies the children are taught in school.

There are two high quality parent courses on

I cannot recommend this enough for parents in Nursery/Reception/KS1 to help you understand how your children use phonics to develop their reading skills.

  • Usborne's gameis free to play on PC or can be downloaded across devices for a small cost. It is progressive and fun, so a good option for 'free screen time'.Parents need to set up a free account. 

Other reading sources include:

Handwriting Practice has a great list of apps that can be fun and helpful for handwriting. For our youngest learners, lots of drawing, colouring and cutting will help to develop their skills.

Did you know that simply switching on the SUBTITLES on any TV programme will boost reading skills? This is easy to do on most channels and on-demand services like youtube and and BBC iplayer.

 English resources for all ages

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