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John Stainer - The Governing Body

The governors of John Stainer School come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some governors are from the school staff, some are parents, some are appointed by Lewisham Council and others are representatives from our local community.  

The governors work together as a group bringing their own particular experience to support the school and to ensure that the children are getting the best possible education. The school and Governors together have to make important decisions about issues such as the priorities for each year,  the curriculum entitlement the children have, and the budget. Governors act collectively and strategically in the best interests of the school.

The Resources Committee monitors income and expenditure to make sure that there is no overspend and that the budget is supporting the curriculum. A plan is made for the next three years to ensure sustainability.

The Curriculum Committee monitors the achievements of the children and makes decisions about changes to the curriculum. 

We currently have a Parent Governor vacancy. Please click the link below for further details.

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Reconstituted 2/11/13

13 governor places 

Headteacher                                                                          1

Staff                                                                                        1

Nominated by the London Borough of Lewisham            1

Elected parents of pupils attending the school                4

Co-opted                                                                                6 

Chair:  Ms Basi Adedoyin

Vice Chair:  Dr Simon Edwards


Curriculum Committee – Chair – Ms Caroline Taunt

Resources Committee – Chair – Mr David Rawlence

Pupil Discipline Committee / Staff Discipline Committee / Capability Committee / Grievance Committee / Complaints Committee

Membership to comprise any three members of the Governing Body having regard to availability, personal knowledge or involvement in a case, and any advice from Lewisham Personnel regarding the appropriate make up of a committee. 

Pay Appeals Committee

Membership to comprise non staff members of the Curriculum Committee.

 Clerk to the Governing Body:  Mrs Jackie Woods, c/o John Stainer Primary School

The Headteacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school, but as a group, the Governing Body is responsible for the strategic development and decisions. They may be involved in:

The Governors are responsible for overseeing the management of the school’s budget, and to ensure that the money is spent on the areas defined in the School Development Plan.

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