John Stainer

Home School Support and Workshops

As the Home School Liaison Lead, I run a number of workshops (see the list below) during Coffee Mornings to help and support any parents and carers at John Stainer. All the workshops offer straightforward strategies that once introduced at home can significantly improve family relationships. Of course, these strategies and ideas need to be used consistently to have the expected positive impact! I also provide lots of resources and I’m happy to introduce new subjects on request. Please introduce yourself to me if I haven't already met you, I am generally at the small black gate in the mornings! (Tracy Townrow)


  • Bedtime Blues
  • Budgeting
  • CV writing
  • Employment Skills
  • First Aid for Parents
  • Friendship Challenges – supporting your child
  • Healthy eating – fussy eaters
  • Internet Safety
  • Maths
  • Mental Health
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Routines! What’s the point?
  • Safety at Home
  • Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities

Please feel free to email me: for a copy of the PowerPoint or resource from any of the topics above.

Support for the children in School

In every classroom is a support box where the children can request to see Tracy to talk about any worries they may have. Here is a picture of the support box:

The children complete the following request form to share their worries. Teachers explain to the children how the support box works using the following script. You may find additional information here about how the Pastoral Team provides support to families.

 This page was last reviewed on 3rd July 2023