John Stainer

Online Safety Webinar for Parents

In December 2019, LGFL DigiSafe produced this handy webinar for parents which provides lots of excellent advice about  the latest online safety issues and popular apps and games (select Archives and December 2019).

You don't have to watch the whole webinar as they have added all of the links at the bottom of this page so you can get a flavour of the webinar and choose the resources that are relevant to you.  If you scroll down further, you can also find lots of other useful information for parents on their SafeBlog pages for example, how to talk to children about news events such as terrorist attacks.

The online safety webinar is hosted on DigiSafe's facebook page . You can also find it here if you are not on facebook.

If you find this useful you may want to follow LGFL Digisafe on facebook in order to get updates of future webinars. Alternatively, their Safeblog page is a handy resource for parents to know about.