John Stainer



Charity Work

At John Stainer we encourage everyone to think about others, and to give generously to help those who are less fortunate than us.

To link with our value of Community, in the Autumn Term, we look outwards, and learn that we are part of a Global Community of people.  We link with a charity overseas, and aim to raise money by donating what we can, and also raising money by having a cake sale.

Over the years we have bought mosquito nets in North Africa, Toilets in Chad, provided children with school dinners in order for them to be able to attend school and get an education in India, as well as buying vacinations and life changing operations for those children who wouldn't ordinarily be able to afford them.

This year we sponsored a small charity that works with children in Ghana.  It is called The Giraffe Mobile Education Project, and they are hoping to buy a van with the money that we raised, and fill it with books to take to some of the small villages in Ghana, where children do not have access to literacy, books or libraries.

We raised an enormous £1593.42!   Well done everyone.

To read about the work of The Giraffe Mobile Education Project click here


 In each of the KS2 classes, children performed a short item based on our Harvest theme of Standing Tall Together.

There was a mixture of poetry, drama, music and prayers.

Here are Year 4 performing their item in the local church; St Catherine's.



The whole of KS2 performed to a packed church of parents, friends and family.

We are so lucky to have this community space to use for our concerts and performances.