John Stainer

Amazing out of school achievements

Our children often do amazing things outside of school, below are some of the things they have told us about!

Clementine from Year 5, shared a presentation in an assembly about a global initiative which aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting soil as a vital part of our eco-system. As a follow up to her assembly, many of the children in school felt very passionate about this cause and signed a letter that Clementine drafted to our Prime Minister. This week on her return to school, Clementine received a reply from Boris Johnson's Office in response to her letter with an agreement that her concerns would be raised with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

As a school community, we are all very proud of Clementine for taking these actions and highlighting the importance of using the democratic process and being an active global citizen. All of the information about the campaign can be found here 

Below is the presentation video that Clementine prepared for assembly, in the view to raise awareness and call the children of John Stainer to participate in the global exhibition. 



Jessie has been inspired by the Climate Change March and being in the Climate Change after school club,  and last Monday she set up a petition on changeUK to convince Crayola to introduce a felt tip pen recycling scheme in the UK (like they have in the US).
 In less than a week she’s had 60k signatures. Please see link below for the campaign:


What an achievement - well done Jessie