John Stainer

Amazing out of school achievements

Our children often do amazing things outside of school, below are some of the things they have told us about!

 Jessie has been inspired by the Climate Change March and being in the Climate Change after school club,  and last Monday she set up a petition on changeUK to convince Crayola to introduce a felt tip pen recycling scheme in the UK (like they have in the US).
 In less than a week she’s had 60k signatures. Please see link below for the campaign:


What an achievement - well done Jessie

Both Eliza and Pearl completed NATD ballet and tap exams (at different levels) and they received their results during the holidays. Both girls received a distinction for their ballet dances and merits for their tap exams. Gaia also passed her grade 2 ballet exam with merit and tap dance exam with distinction.  Wow! Well done!

Maja in Year 5 passed her Polish/English exam with Harmonia and was awarded a large badge! Well done Maja! 

Kitty Lola and Darcy got together and wrote, performed and recorded an amazing song about being best friends. Well done girls! 

Clover (Year 5 Orange) recently passed her IDTA Freestyle Hip Hop dance exam with the highest grading, achieving an Honours and 95% Well done Clover!

Sonny Year 5 and Jessie Year 1 walked 20 kilometres to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust – altogether they raised £951.25 which is a massive amount! Very well done.

Maya from Year 2 Navy gave up presents from friends for her birthday in order to fundraise for the Battersea Cats and Dogs home (partly because she’d love to have a dog). She raised £157.00. Well done Maya!

Well done to two groups who raised money for charity this Wednesday, Douglas, William and Felix who raised £19 and Louis and Izzy who raised £43 (year 5) for Cancer Research. Very well done to you children for making a difference to others.

 Well done to Treydon in 4 Aqua who came first place in a diving competition at Crystal Palace and has an amazing trophy to prove it!

Well done to Zuzanna in 4 Pink for cutting her hair and donating it to the Little Princess Trust. Your donation will make a real difference to children and young people affected by hair loss.

Well done to Jamia in Year 5 Purple who came second in a street dance competition with the dance group Love2dance at the Albany, and has an amazing medal to prove it!

Congratulations to Ellis in Year 4 Pink who competed in The British Taekwondo National Championships and won the Bronze medal.

We have some budding entrepreneurs in this school! All the things they sold on their ‘Makers Stall’ this week were either made or grown by them. Succulents, comics, postcards, tie-dye t-shirts and amazing Harry Potter Wands! Gracie, Felix, Lucas and Maya in Year 2 Navy Freddie in Year 3 Violet Kitty in Year 3 Lime Oscar in Year 4 Aqua Oscar in Year 5 Orange Ollie in Year 5 Purple They made an incredible £170! Very well done!

 On 6th October, Ruby, Sequoia, Sebastian, Louis, Emilee and Sienna from Year 5 Purple took part in a Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5k Run to raise money for Cancer Research UK. They have so far raised a whopping £1270! We are extremely proud of them. Well done team!

Congratulations to Mabel Year 5 Orange for winning Young Female Cricket Player of the Year Award 2018, jointly with a friend, from Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club last weekend. Well done Mabel!

Well done to Isobel in Year 5 Purple and Joseph in Year 2 Navy who took part in the Hilly Fields relay last Sunday, each running 5k and together raising over £350 (so far) for the Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust. The event aims to raise £10,000 to pay for food for 2 Brockley homeless women's hostels. Well done Isobel and Joseph!