John Stainer

About Us

At John Stainer, our mission statement is part of everything we do. We will provide your child with…

‘An excellent education to enjoy, empower and enable.’

At John Stainer great importance has been placed on providing an environment that encourages learning, where the children are taught to be as calm, considerate and courteous as possible, whilst still inspiring the excitement and enjoyment of learning. These qualities are actively fostered and always praised.

"Leaders have designed an ambitious and interesting curriculum. They have identified and sequenced the important knowledge and skills that pupils need to learn and remember. As a result, pupils develop a deep body of knowledge in different subjects that they draw on when tackling more complex learning. For instance, in computing, children in early years start by learning how to move remote-controlled cars forward and back. This helps pupils use increasingly more complex coding so that by Year 6 they are writing their own algorithms". OFSTED 2024