John Stainer

Year 6

Our teachers are Mr and Mrs Bond and our Teaching Assistant is Patrick King.

Here we are on our residential school journey to Kingswood in Ashford Kent. It was fantastic!

Here are some more photos of what we got up to.

We learned a lot, including how to challenge ourselves, take risks, work together, solve problems and practical things like how to make our own bed and what to do when our clothes are really muddy.

Year 6 Autumn Term:

In the Autumn Term we enjoy getting stuck into work straight away. We follow all the national curriculum subjects, and particularly enjoy reading The Watertower by Gary Crew, studying Macbeth and learning about The Ancient Greeks.

We like to take our learning home with us, and we complete project work about Athens and Sparta, and produce our own autobiographies. The best bit is sharing them with the rest of the class. As part of our Ancient Greek Learning, we dressed up for a Greek Day in costumes, and acted out The Battle of Marathon.

In November we go to Kingswood activity centre in Ashford, Kent as a class and take part in many different activities including climbing, abseiling, archery, den building and many more. This really helps us get to know each other, and challenge ourselves so that we are ready for anything that life throws at us.

Also in November we attend the Lewisham Junior Citizenship event, run by the Lewisham Police. We learn about how to keep safe when we travel around on public transport and on the roads. We also learn about first aid, fire safety and a little about internet safety too!
At Christmas we perform at the local church, and Year 6 always help to set up the church, as well as lead the whole thing by being narrators. It is a job we all love to do.

Spring Term

In the Spring Term the focus for Year 6 is mainly revision and getting fully ready for our SATs exams in May.

We like to be fully prepared so we spend most of our time revising, and getting good at all the different elements of the exams. We know that the more we are calm and ready to just do our best, the better we will do and we know that there is no reason to panic.

We follow the Success for All (SFA) scheme, which helps to prepare us with reading comprehension and all the various writing genres. We love the topic that we study in the Spring – Anne Frank’s Diary! We follow the BBC adaptation, exploring how Anne copes as she is growing up in hiding in Amsterdam. We do lots of reading and writing around the topic, including our own piece of research for home learning. We even have a debate as to whether it should be taught in Primary school!

Summer Term:

We love the Summer Term in Year 6 because we feel really grown as we prepare to transition to secondary school.

We go on lots of trips and visits to link with our topic on WW2. We read Good Night Mr Tom and The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas, and complete literacy units based on those texts. We also work on maths transition units on The Golden Triangle and Spirals. We engage in a “Dragons Den” type unit linked to art, design and marketing.

The real highlight though, is preparing and performing our end of year production. We act, sing and dance and show off all our creative talents.