John Stainer


Our staff consists of Ms Sho, Ms Woulfe and Ms Malcolmson (class teachers), Mr Crabtree and Ms O’Mahony (cover teachers), Ms Wakeford and Ms Anna (teaching assistants).

The Reception class curriculum and planning uses the seven areas of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters document. The topics for each term are as follows:

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Ourselves - Senses


Autumn - Harvest

People who Help Us





Knights, castles and dragons


Chinese New Year

Traditional Tales


Spring - chicks



Under the Sea







At the start of the Autumn term the children have a settling in period to support their transition. During this time a baseline assessment is made of the children's abilities within the seven areas of learning and development in the EYFS Development Matters document. The children engage in daily phonics, Literacy and Mathematics sessions and are always encouraged to write independently, as well as through adult led activities, so that they have a strong foundation to build on when they transition into Key Stage1. As a school we encourage dress up days and during this term the children always enjoy dressing as Superheroes (photo) to support the topic and also their learning about People Who Help Us gives them the chance to think about what they are good at and how they can help others. Christmas time is always celebrated by the Early Years Nativity performance where the children always demonstrate an amazing ability to learn all the lines and the songs and give great performances. (photo)



By the beginning of the spring term the children will be working in different phonics groups depending on their ability and will also be engaging in one-to-one and group reading. During this term the children also learn about how other cultures celebrate by learning about the festivities around Chinese New Year. Their learning about knights, castles and dragons always promotes independent writing and another opportunity for dressing up! (photos 54, 75, 77, 83)The children also have an opportunity to learn about the world around them by engaging in role play, using the interactive board and computers in their classrooms as well as their own observations made in the outside space. On the run up to Easter they also get the opportunity to watch eggs hatch into chicks.



The Summer term provides another opportunity for the children to dress up - this time as pirates. As the children move towards the end of the term they begin to prepare for their transition into Year 1 by meeting with their new class teachers and beginning to engage in activities similar to those that they will be doing in their new class. The end of term is always celebrated with another concert giving the children further opportunites to demonstrate acting and singing skills. (photo)


Creative activities throughout the year provide the wonderful pieces of work for the many displays in the classroom and each term the Reception classes hold an Open Morning where the parents and any other interested family members are invited to come into the classrooms and look through the children’s books and at their display work with them.

The Reception class attend many outings throughout the year including trips to museums, theatres and the London Aquarium for which we are very gratefully supported by parent and carer volunteers. (photo)