John Stainer

Physical Education

At John Stainer, we believe that providing children with opportunities to be active is essential.




A creative PE curriculum and a range of extracurricular activities develops children's physical fitness, but promotes happiness and well being too!

The PE Curriculum

All children receive at least an hour of PE teaching every week, with Years 3 and 4 having an additional 30 minute long swimming lesson each week.

Please click here to see National Curriculum.

Here is the focus for the PE curriculum in each key stage:

EYFS - coordinating, controlling and exploring movement

  • Negotiating space
  • Fine and gross motor skills

KS1 - agility, balance and coordination

  • Participating in team games: attacking and defending
  • Choreographing and performing dance using simple movements

KS2 - flexibility, strength and control

  • Swim at least 25m and learn a range of strokes
  • Play competitive games, understand attacking and defending
  • Perform dances using a range of movements
  • Developing collaborative and evaluative skills. 

What is the sports premium?

How do we spend the sports premium at John Stainer?

Moving matters

Beginning in 2017, children from Reception to Year 6 learn a new physical skill or sport every half term.

These half term blocks are provided by a scheme called 'Moving Matters', which promotes creative teaching, development of new skills and ultimately more fun for everyone in PE!
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Developing our teachers

At John Stainer we pride ourselves on ensuring all of our teachers teach their own classes for PE and promote a positive attitude to an active lifestyle.

In order to provide the highest quality teaching, the PE subject lead provides regular teacher training to help keep our teachers informed and our lessons exciting!

The teachers had great fun playing some new attacking and defending games in our last PE training session. 

Houses at John Stainer

Each child at John Stainer is allocated a house. Children can win house points for their house through a range of achievements in and around school. Children also compete and represent their house during sports day and inter-house competitions.

Meanings of the houses

  • Pepys -
  • Lanchester -
  • Nesbit -
  • Blackman -

Sports captains

For each house there are two Year 6 sports captain representatives.

Sports captains are responsible for maintaining and tidying sports equipment, assisting during school sports events and leading sports based play in the play ground.


Omar                          Micheal                           Penelope                 Norul

House: Lanchester      House: Blackman           House: Blackman     House: Lanchester

Favourite sport:        Favourite sport:             Favourite sport:      Favourite sport:  

Football                      Football & running            Football & dance    Gymnastics & football



Gilly                            Ilana                            Princela                            Harry

House: Nesbit            House: Pepys            House: Nesbit                   House: Pepys

Favourite sport:        Favourite sport:       Favourite sport:               Favourite sport:  

Rugby & cricket          Pole vault                  Basketball & football            Dance & diving

Active after school clubs

We provide a wide range of after school clubs that promote an active lifestyle.

Every child has an opportunity to attend an after school football club which is lead by Coach Carter and Miss Anna.

Other active after school clubs include:

  • Dance club for Year 2 - 4.
  • Movement and Mindfulness
  • Capoeria for Year 
  • Ballet 
  • Yoga