John Stainer School Council

The John Stainer School Council are democratically elected every year by the pupils and have a number of functions to perform in the school.

Click on the link below to meet our School Council for 2016/7


  • Appointing staff
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Help in resolving conflicts
  • Problem solving any class concerns
  • Investigating ways to improve the school
  • Surveying parents, pupils and staff and analysing results
  • Sorting out school lost property
  • Making suggestions
  • Awarding House Points awards
  • Meeting with other School Councils


Mayor of Lewisham trip

On Friday 24th February School Council members went to visit the Mayor of Lewisham. They asked him questions about his work and listened to an inspiring speech by the Young Mayor, discussing how each person can make a positive impact in London. The children spoke with the Mayor about his current project working with Sadiq Khan to improve the air quality in London, and about the things he has achieved as the Mayor to this date.





The School Council meet Mayor Steve Bullock


We liked sitting in the Mayor's chair!

We liked sitting in the Mayor’s chair!