During our ‘Cool To Be Kind’ week, children across the school carried out random acts of kindness. Look at some of the feedback we got from members of the public!

  • I’ve just had a newspaper handed out to me by one of your pupils, how lovely! Londoners aren’t used to acts of kindness so seeing so many fellow commenters smile at Brockley station was brilliant. Yesterday’s singalong was even better.

    As a terminally cynical Londoner myself I have to ask, why the PDAs? Is it a promotional thing? A lesson experiment?

    Anyway, don’t stop (believing)!

    Mark Evans


  • Thank you to all the yr3s handing out metros today – your hand made notes made everyone smile!

    Hatty Davidson


  • Hi,
    Just found one of your ‘cool to be kind’ flyers on the train. Really made me smile! Hope the kids are having fun with it.
    All best,


  • Dear year 3,

    Thanks for making me smile this morning!



  • Hello What a lovely surprise this morning to have the metro newspaper handed to me at Brockley Station as I was on my way to an early appointment. The “laugh more worry less message” was very cute and made me smile on the morning train!! Thank you!


  • ​Today as I left Brockley train station I received a random act of kindness.

One of the students from John Stainer Community Primary School handed me a newspaper with a note on the front that said ‘If you want to feel good, do good’. This note really made me happy and ‘Brightened up my day’. I sincerely hope that you continue to share the love and kindness you have done today. Thank You


Love Ayesha Barrett


  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the past days were not easy for me and I had a horrible morning today. On my way to work I picked up a ‘Metro’ that was left behind, and found something hidden in it (see attachment).

The little sentence “Do all things with love” on the paper made my day.

The idea of your random acts of kindness is absolutely lovely. Please keep on doing that. It helps a lot.

And if you can find out who wrote the sentence, please let her/ him know, that I can’t stop smiling.

Thank you.

Best wishes

  • Hello!

    Quick message to thank you all so very much – the card in the paper really has made my day/week, along with those ive shown at work!

    Such a wonderful idea, making the commute to work much more bearable!

    Wishing you all the best,
    Natasha x

  • Dear Sue Harte,

    I just wanted to drop a note to say that I was moved to tears yesterday by the beautiful singing from your pupils – and staff!
    It was just so heartbreakingly amazing and I will feel the warmth in my heart for a very long time to come.

    Gorgeous singing aside, what amazed me was the interaction between staff and students and how close and happy they all were alongside one another. As a mother of a mixed race son it was just so beautiful to see all the students standing there together, in harmomy, united.

    Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. If this is the future my son would have at a local primary I would be so proud and happy. Please do let the staff and students know that there show was truly inspiring.

    With lots of love



I’m a train driver on the underground.
I came across a “cool to be kind” note on a train on the Bakerloo line and it brightened my day!

Thank you!

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