All pupils are expected to be in school, on time, unless they are too unwell, in which case we expect you to telephone the school to let us know the specific reason for absence, or they have an appointment, for which we expect a copy of the letter or card for the file from the doctor or hospital. We do not condone parents taking their children out of school for term time holidays unless it is an absolute emergency. Any term time absence must be requested before the time is taken on the appropriate form from the school office and the headteacher will decide if the absence will be authorised and inform you in writing.

Emergency closure policy

If for any reason we have to close the school as am emergency, a notice will be posted on the website under Newsflash on the right hand side, and a message will be left on the school answer machine saying the school is closed and referring you to the website. We do not make this decision lightly as we realise how disruptive it is for parents, but if we cannot get enough staff into school because of where they are travelling from, then the decision is made by the headteacher to close, and the Local Authority are informed. This has happened (very infrequently) in the past because of the snow. In the event of a planned strike where we do not have enough staff to cover classes then generally we are able to give you some advance warning. Sometimes the school site itself is unsafe, or unable to be used, for example if the water is cut off or if the heating has failed, but I am pleased to say that neither of these have caused a school closure in the last 13 years! I strongly suggest having a contingency plan agreed with friends or family about what to do in the event of a school closure, to help keep disruption to a minimum.

 Term dates 2016-17

Autumn term

  • Monday 5 September – Friday 21 October (Monday 5 September closed to children, INSET day)
  • Half term: Monday 24 October–Friday 28 October (Friday 25 November closed to children, INSET day)
  • Monday 31 October–Wednesday 21 December


Spring term

  • Tuesday 3 January–Friday 10 February (Tuesday 3 January closed to children, INSET day)
  • Half term: Monday 13 February–Friday 17 February
  • Monday 20 February–Friday 31 March


Summer term

  • Tuesday 18 April–Friday 26 May  (May Day will be taken on 1 May closed to children, Tuesday 18th April closed to children, INSET day)
  • Half term: Monday 29 May–Friday 2 June
  • Monday 5 June–Friday 21 July (Friday 23 June closed to children, INSET day)


Inset days: School closed to children
Monday 5th September 2016
Friday 25th November 2016
Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Tuesday 18th April 2017
Friday 23rd June 2017