Science is an integral part of the curriculum at John Stainer Community.  Children have lots of questions about the world around them and we aim to provide them with the necessary core scientific knowledge and investigative skills to answer their questions about those processes. Our curriculum provides a rich variety of topics that cover all the core scientific disciplines.

Embedded throughout science lessons are opportunities to use a variety of investigative skills, engaging and becoming more familiar with each of the elements of the scientific method as they progress through the school. These include:

  • generating their own lines of enquiry
  • making predictions
  • analysing results
  • observing changes over time
  • collecting results in a variety of ways
  • drawing conclusions from their observations
  • evaluating their own method and the reliability of their results.

Underpinning this is an emphasis on children actively participating in their own practical investigations and experiments, utilizing the classroom, wider school grounds and the local environment and community.

Within each academic year, children will study a range of scientific topics. Children are taught Science as a freestanding subject, covering a specific topic each term. Each Science topic is primarily based around one of the three core disciplines (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), with children touching on all three each year.  John Stainer’s Science is very cross-curricular.  Children are explicitly taught how their mathematical calculation and statistical skills can be used to read, analyse and draw conclusions from their results. There are also regular opportunities for children to improve their literacy skills through explicit and regular opportunities to compose a piece of scientific writing related to their learning.

Relationships and Sex education is also part of the statutory Science Curriculum, along with incorporated aspects from the PSCHE curriculum. Please see below for our policy and the progression so you can understand how we introduce this in an age appropriate and sensitive way, dispelling any myths or inaccurate information children may have heard elsewhere.

RSE policy

RSE progression and vocabulary