Values and Personal, Social and Health Education

At John Stainer Primary School, we aim for every child to have high self-esteem and be equipped to make a valuable contribution in later life.

Our PSHE curriculum is delivered through values education.  Six values are taught each year, with one being taught per half term. Values are also embedded through whole school assemblies and cross-curricular application. Click here to see our core values and how they are broken down over the year.

At John Stainer, we promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development across the school. We practice five minutes of meditation daily, and we find this helps the children to relax. Often our values will be taught through other celebrations such as ‘cool to be kind week’ and ‘culture day’ This helps to make sure these core values are really embedded throughout the children’s education at John Stainer.

Class teachers also cover Relationships and Education content for their year group during the Summer term with the aim of ensuring that children understand the boundaries of healthy relationships and the changes in their bodies. Notice is always given prior to RSE being taught. Relationships and Sex education is also part of the statutory Science Curriculum, along with incorporated aspects from the PSCHE curriculum. Please see below for our policy and the progression so you can understand how we introduce this in an age appropriate and sensitive way, dispelling any myths or inaccurate information children may have heard elsewhere.

RSE policy

RSE progression and vocabulary