At John Stainer, we aim to stimulate the children’s interest in and curiosity about their surroundings. Our geography teaching is to encourage the children to show an interest in their immediate environment and that of the wider world.

We also encourage children to develop their knowledge and understanding of where places are and what they are like, including an appreciation and understanding of the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Through the teaching of geography children will become aware of the geographical features of their own country and be able to compare and contrast them with that of others.

Children will also be taught age appropriate mapping skills using a range of approaches from local area walks, photograph recognition, map reading skills drama, art, models, various writing styles / genre, collage, timelines and sketches. Children will have access to a range of sources such as people, the local environment, sites and visits, photographs, portraits, artifacts, written materials, ICT based materials, data, TV / video/DVD extracts.


The children will gain an understanding of how physical and human geography has an impact on the environment and the people around it. Children will be taught to have pride in their surroundings and to develop a constructive approach to improving areas studied. Children are to be prepared to be global citizens with an understanding of how they can positively (and negatively) impact on their environment.


The Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, geography is included as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World The children learn to investigate similarities and differences, the local environment and cultures and beliefs, fostering the skills essential to developing historical understanding. This is set out in the early years curriculum as children needing to:
  • observe, find out about, and identify features in the place they live and the natural world;
  • begin to know about their own cultures and beliefs and those of other people;
  • find out about their environment, and talk about those features they like and dislike.