The Governing Body


Governor Mark

The governors of John Stainer School come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some governors are from the school staff, some are parents, some are appointed by Lewisham Council and others are representatives from our local community.  The governors work together as a group bringing their own particular experience to support the school and to ensure that the children are getting the best possible education. We have to make important decisions about issues such as the priorities for each year, the way the curriculum is delivered and the budget. Governors act collectively: once a decision is made we all stand by it.  The governing body has two committees.  At the Resources Committee we monitor income and expenditure to make sure that there is no overspend and that the budget is supporting the curriculum.  At the Curriculum Committee we monitor the achievements of the children and make decisions about changes to the curriculum.

The latest set of full Governing Body Minutes is available here

December 2016 minutes




Reconstituted 2/11/13

13 governor places


Headteacher                                                                         1

Staff                                                                                        1

Nominated by the London Borough of Lewisham       1

Elected parents of pupils attending the school                        4

Co-opted                                                                               6


Chair: Ms Valerie Fairbrass

Vice Chair: Ms Basi Adedoyin


Curriculum Committee – Chair – To be confirmed

Resources Committee – Chair – Ms Basi Adedoyin


Pupil Discipline Committee / Staff Discipline Committee / Capability Committee / Grievance Committee / Complaints Committee

Membership to comprise any three members of the Governing Body having regard to availability, personal knowledge or involvement in a case, and any advice from Lewisham Personnel regarding the appropriate make up of a committee.


Pay Appeals Committee

Membership to comprise non staff members of the Curriculum Committee.


Clerk to the Governing Body: Mrs Jackie Woods, Governors’ Services, 3rd Floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London SE6 4RU



Governors’ details (for each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months)



Ms Basi Adedoyin Co-opted Governing Body 8/12/16 4 7/12/20 Resources Vice Chair

Chair, Resources Committee

Mr Thomas Cabot Parent Parent election 3/2/14 4 2/2/18 Resources Vice Chair of Resources Cttee
Ms Erin Essex Co-opted Governing Body 28/11/13 4 27/11/17 Resources Link gov ICT
Mr Etienne Gouws Staff Staff election 10/10/16 4 9/10/20 Curriculum
Ms Caroline Taunt Parent Parent election 8/12/16 4 7/12/20 Curriculum
Ms Valerie Fairbrass LA Governing Body 28/11/13 4 27/11/17 Curriculum Chair

Link gov Curriculum priorities

Ms Sue Harte Headteacher N/A April 2001 N/A N/A Curriculum


Ms Sandra Lashley Co-opted Governing Body 17/11/15 4 16/11/19 Resources
Ms Jessica Lempp Parent Parent election 3/2/14 4 2/2/18 Curriculum Link gov EYFS and SEN
Ms Mewe Mechese Co-opted Governing Body 4/3/14 4 3/3/14 Resources Vice Chair of Resources Cttee

Link gov Safeguarding

Ms Shermane Okorodudu Co-opted Governing Body 10/3/16 (associate member)

17/5/16 co-opted

4 16/5/20 Curriculum
Ms Emily Selencky Parent Parent election 4/3/14 4 2/3/18 Curriculum
Ms Stephanie Srivastava Co-opted Governing Body 28/11/13 4 27/11/17 Resources


  17/11/15 10/3/16 17/5/16 4/7/16 6/10/15 22/2/16 8/6/16 13/10/16 25/2/16 17/5/16
Ms Basi Adedoyin ü ü ü ü ü ü x
Mr Thomas Cabot ü ü ü ü ü X ü
Ms Erin Essex ü x ü x ü X ü
Mrs Deborah Haddad X X ü ü ü x ü
Ms Valerie Fairbrass ü ü x ü ü ü ü ü
Ms Sue Harte ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü
Ms Teresa Hill ü N/A N/A N/A ü x
Ms Sandra Lashley ü ü x ü x ü x
Ms Jessica Lempp ü x ü x ü ü ü
Ms Mewe Mechese ü ü ü ü ü ü ü
Ms Shermane Okorodudu N/A N/A N/A ü ü ü
Ms Harriet Quiney ü ü X ü ü ü ü
Ms Emily Selencky ü ü x ü x ü ü
Ms S. Srivastava ü x ü ü ü x ü

The governors of John Stainer are very proud of our school, its staff and pupils. The recent OFSTED report has confirmed our belief in it as a place where children experience outstanding educational opportunities within a supportive, exciting and caring environment. Our minutes are available here


Valerie Fairbrass (Chair of Governors)

Our Governing Body has recently reconstituted, and made two new appointments.

There are 13 governors on the school’s Governing Body made up of

  • The headteacher
  • 4 parent Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 1 staff Governor
  • 6 co-opted Governors

Parent Governors are elected by the parents and normally serve for four years.

The Headteacher is responsible for the day to day running of the school, but as a group, the Governing Body is responsible for the strategic development and decisions. They may be involved in;

  • Appointing staff
  • Agreeing the aims of the National Curriculum and ensuring it is implemented
  • Ensuring the funds are spent properly
  • Deciding what charges should be made for activities outside normal school hours.

The Governors are responsible for overseeing the management of the school’s budget, and to ensure that the money is spent on the areas defined in the School Improvement Plan.

Our Governing Body was recently quoted by Ofsted as follows;

The governance of the school:
is highly effective as members of the governing body are closely involved in strategic decisions, such as the consultation on the recent and projected expansion of the school, the appointment of the deputy headteacher, the incentivising of staff performance, and how successful the school has been in eradicating inadequate teacher performance. Governors are kept very well informed by the headteacher, so have a good understanding of how additional funds, particularly for pupil premium, have helped to accelerate the progress of pupils, and how consistently outstanding teaching is leading to rapid gains in learning for all groups of pupils. They are familiar with how well the pupils’ progress compares with the national picture. All governors have received training on preparing for inspections, and those with specific responsibilities have up-to-date training in financial management and safeguarding. They ensure that all statutory requirements are met, including those relating to safeguarding.

The Governing Body has also recently been awarded the prestigious ‘Governormark’. They are the only school in Lewisham to have been successful! A link to that report is here.

Governormark assessment report