School Dog – meet Mr Charlie Brown!

Since Charlie’s article in the TES, he has become a very famous school dog!  There are lots more school dogs all around the country because so many people thought it would be a good idea for their school too. We now have over 200 trained dogwalkers who do such a fabulous job giving Charlie his lunchtime exercise.


John Stainer pupils enter Charlie in the Dog Show!


Guess who won Champion School Dog!












John Stainer Primary School (by Emma Boxall, DOGS TRUST)
Just last week I visited John Stainer Primary School in Lewisham to run Be Dog Smart workshops for Years 1-6. I have to say I had an absolutely fantastic two days working with the children and was so impressed by how sensible and engaged every single class was. This school is like no other I’ve visited in South London, not least because they are lucky enough to have their very own school dog, Charlie Brown! The Headteacher, Sue Harte, has always loved dogs and has now been able to combine the responsibilities of owning a dog with running the school. Charlie Brown has his own area in the school where he is cared for by Anna, the Pupil Welfare Manager. Mrs Harte runs a dog walking club at lunchtime, where two lucky students are able to walk Charlie Brown to the local park with her. On Monday, I was an honorary member of the walking club and have to say it really was quite special to see the children interact safely and sensibly with Charlie Brown. At the end of my visit I was totally chuffed to receive these beautiful flowers, presented to me by Ava:

John Stainer

Thank you Emma for the wonderful workshops!


Charlie Brown has had a very busy week at school! He has been to visit every class, and quite a few children have already had the chance to stroke him. Dog care and walking class starts this week!



All this excitement gets too much for Charlie Brown, and so he likes a good old snooze, snuggled up with one of his toys!











Charlie Brown met Anna and settled into his new space in the school. He can run around with his toys, and when he gets tired he curls up under her table. He goes out at playtime, and then up to the park every lunchtime. He is really good on his lead now, and he knows how to sit when he comes to a road. He has made lots of new dog friends up at the park!










Charlie made a new friend, Teddy! Even though Teddy is enormous, he is very gentle with Charlie Brown, and they are best friends now.











Charlie hopped into his crate in the car and travelled for an hour to a farm, where he met chickens, ducks, geese, lambs, guinea fowls and two cats! Here is a picture of Charlie Brown hiding in the pumpkin patch! Charlie was so tired he slept for the whole three hours in the crate on his trip down to London to his new home.








This is Caroline and Rodney, who own Charlie’s mother, Delia. They did such a good job of raising him, and they were very sad to see him go, but they were very excited to hear about the life Charlie Brown was going to have!







On 27th June 2014, a very special dog was born! Mr Charlie Brown, a miniature chocolate labradoodle was part of a litter of 8 puppies who belonged to a lovely lady called Caroline who lives far away in Lincolnshire. Ms Harte saw the photo of Charlie and fell in love. She thought how fantastic it would be to have a dog at school, to have Dog Care club, for children (and some adults) to learn how not to be afraid of dogs, and for Charlie to listen to children read too! At night and in the weekends Charlie lives with Ms Harte, but he comes in every day to school.










Charlie’s Age in this photo : 16 weeks old.









Charlie has to have special insurance to be in our school, and because he is only a baby, and he is learning how to be a well behaved school dog, there are very strict rules about how the humans in Charlie’s life need to behave with him. We went over all these rules together in assembly, and the document below shows what we agreed would be the right way.











photo (2)








This is the information we got from Caroline, the lady who bred Charlie about Charlie’s parents.

Advert Description :
Our Chocolate F1 Miniature Labradoodle gave birth to a lovely litter of eight stunning F1B True Miniature labradoodle puppies. She had four bitches and four dogs. The puppies were born on the 27th May 2014 and this is her first litter, all pups arrived safely.

The Dams Mother (Chocolate Labrador) is KC registered, hip scored 3/5=8, elbow scored 0/0, PRA DNA tested clear. She is a small Labrador of eighteen inches. She has a fantastic pedigree. The Sire was a handsome sixteen inch chocolate miniature poodle who was KC registered and PRA DNA tested clear, his name was Rin-Tin- Tin. As our labradoodle is from well bred parentage and fully health tested I have no doubt these puppies will make exceptional pets of outstanding quality.
Our Labradoodle bitch is no taller than 16” which makes her a true miniature Labraoodle. The Miniature poodle we used has an impressive pedigree and is PRA DNA tested clear and is 16” tall. With Mother being hereditary clear of PRA and Dad being clear these pups again will be hereditary clear so can neither develop nor pass on this gene.

The puppies will have a variety of coat types from shaggy, scruffy and wavy coats. The coats will be far more superior to that of a first cross labradoodle as they have more of the poodle tight curl. The puppies will be low shedding and may be suitable for families with allergies, although it is not always the hair that people are allergic too. It can be the oils in the coat or the saliva. However their coat will require more maintenance than a Labradors coat.

The puppies have been a joy to watch grow and develop in the luxury of our front room. We feel we have done our best to socialise our puppies with everyday household noises, and of course people of all ages. We feel we have given our puppies a truly great start in life having been weaned onto a high quality dry puppy food.

The puppies have been routinely wormed with Drontal suspension and treated with Frontline as a precaution as advised by our vet.

The puppies will soon come of age where they will be ready to make that massive new step in life. We will start them off with their house training but please be aware it can take several weeks/ months to have a fully housetrained pup.

All puppies will leave me with-

Grand Parents KC pedigree details
Grand Parents health screen certificates
Fathers PRA certificate


We know Charlie has been really well looked after as a puppy,, so we are going to make sure we really look after Charlie well, and teach him to be a really fantastic school dog. Keep looking back here for updates on what Charlie is getting up to!