John Stainer


At John Stainer we aim for our pupils to have a love of learning another language and respect for other cultures.

In all primary schools there is a requirement for a modern foreign language to be taught to pupils in KS2 and the modern foreign language that our children learn is French.

We use the Culturetheque scheme which enables teachers to use engaging PowerPoint presentations to deliver each lesson, together with printable picture cards and word cards, and links to French story books on line. The PowerPoints are interactive; by clicking on a word, sentence or phrase the children can hear it being spoken in French.

Through this scheme the children are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of French vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, intonation and spelling, as well as cultural knowledge.

Lessons are taught for 30 minutes each week. Children participate in a range of different activities to allow them to engage with the French language. They have the opportunity to listen to others and have a go at speaking and writing. Lessons can also include games and songs to create a happy and fun learning environment.

At the beginning of Year 3 children learn to greet other and say goodbye; ask someone their name and read and say the numbers 0 – 6. By the end of Year 6 children will be practising simple sentences to exchange personal information and using verb phrases. As well as the language, children also learn about the country of France itself; for example they are introduced to famous people and important cities.